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Selective gas detection using uncoated SAW delay lines

TitleSelective gas detection using uncoated SAW delay lines
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsPenza, Michele, Anisimkin V.I., Maximov S.A., and Vasanelli L.
JournalSensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
KeywordsAcoustic delay lines, Acoustic waves, Sensors, Surface acoustic wave sensors, Thermal conductivity of gases

Two approaches for gas recognition in binary mixtures have been developed for uncoated surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors based on gas thermal conductivity principle. The first approach utilizes the difference thermal conductivity of the ambient atmosphere with respect to a reference gas as general property to test the responses of the sensing elements. Selecting the operating temperature and the reference gas, a single gas is distinctly detected. The second approach is based on the inherent property of the SAW devices, whose response is monitored by the temperature coefficient of delay (TCD). Choosing the operating temperature and the substrate material, the SAW response for a test gas is rejected. Experimental measurements are shown and discussed. © 1997 Elsevier Science S.A.


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Citation KeyPenza1997103