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Land Degradation & Healthy Soils: towards a glossary and monitoring system

Locandina Webinar

The webinar Land Degradation & Healthy Soils:  towards a glossary and monitoring system,  hosted by the research programme EJP SOIL, about land degradation and how it can be monitored at an EU level.  will aim to bring together scientists and policy stakeholders to discuss key issues around land degradation and how it can be monitored.

Different options for monitoring and reporting on progress towards soil helath are now under discussion within the EU, towards the preparation of the EU Soil Health Law which will be presented by the EU Commission in June 2023. There is an urgent need to share a common methodological approach and to adopt a common glossary, which will be discussed during this webinar.

The webinar will include speakers and presentations from JRC, EUSO, DG Environment, DG Agriculture and Rural Development and UNCCD among others. 


Evento virtuale
04/18/2023 - 09:30 to 13:30
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