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Predicting the effect of ozone on vegetation via linear non-threshold (LNT), threshold and hormetic dose-response models, Agathokleous, E., Belz R.G., Calatayud V., De Marco Alessandra, Hoshika Y., Kitao M., Saitanis C.J., Sicard P., Paoletti E., and Calabrese E.J. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 649, p.61-74, (2019)
A quantitative assessment of hormetic responses of plants to ozone, Agathokleous, E., Araminienė V., Belz R.G., Calatayud V., De Marco Alessandra, Domingos M., Feng Z., Hoshika Y., Kitao M., Koike T., et al. , Environmental Research, Volume 176, (2019)
Short and long-term impacts of ambient ozone on health in Ahvaz, Iran, Amoatey, P., Takdastan A., Sicard P., Hopke P.K., Baawain M., Omidvarborna H., Allahyari S., Esmaeilzadeh A., De Marco Alessandra, and Khanaibadi Y.O. , Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Volume 25, Number 5, p.1336-1351, (2019)
Toward stomatal–flux based forest protection against ozone: The MOTTLES approach, Paoletti, E., Alivernini A., Anav A., Badea O., Carrari E., Chivulescu S., Conte A., Ciriani M.L., Dalstein-Richier L., De Marco Alessandra, et al. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 691, p.516-527, (2019)
Trends and inter-relationships of ground-level ozone metrics and forest health in Lithuania, Araminienė, V., Sicard P., Anav A., Agathokleous E., Stakėnas V., De Marco Alessandra, Varnagirytė-Kabašinskienė I., Paoletti E., and Girgždienė R. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 658, p.1265-1277, (2019)
Air quality modeling for health risk assessment of ambient PM10, PM2.5 and SO2 in Iran, Y. Khaniabadi, Omidi, Sicard P., A. Khaniabadi Omidi, Mohammadinejad S., Keishams F., Takdastan A., Najafi A., De Marco Alessandra, and Daryanoosh M. , Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Volume 25, Number 5, p.1298-1310, (2018)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases related to outdoor PM10, O3, SO2, and NO2 in a heavily polluted megacity of Iran, Khaniabadi, Y.O., Daryanoosh M., Sicard P., Takdastan A., Hopke P.K., Esmaeili S., De Marco Alessandra, and Rashidi R. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 18, p.17726-17734, (2018)
Currently legislated decreases in nitrogen deposition will yield only limited plant species recovery in European forests, Dirnböck, T., Pröll G., Austnes K., Beloica J., Beudert B., Canullo R., De Marco Alessandra, Fornasier M.F., Futter M., Goergen K., et al. , Environmental Research Letters, Volume 13, Number 12, (2018)
Modeling of particulate matter dispersion from a cement plant: Upwind-downwind case study, Khaniabadi, Y.O., Sicard P., Taiwo A.M., De Marco Alessandra, Esmaeili S., and Rashidi R. , Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Volume 6, Number 2, p.3104-3110, (2018)
Modelling study of soil C, N and pH response to air pollution and climate change using European LTER site observations, Holmberg, M., Aherne J., Austnes K., Beloica J., De Marco Alessandra, Dirnböck T., Fornasier M.F., Goergen K., Futter M., Lindroos A.-J., et al. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 640-641, p.387-399, (2018)
Monitoring the impact of ambient Ozone on human health using time series analysis and air quality model approaches, Javanmardi, P., Morovati P., Farhadi M., Geravandi S., Khaniabadis Y.O., Angali K.A., Taiwo A.M., Sicard P., Goudarzi G., Valipour A., et al. , Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Volume 27, Number 1, p.533-544, (2018)
Nationwide ground-level ozone measurements in China suggest serious risks to forests, Li, P., De Marco Alessandra, Feng Z., Anav A., Zhou D., and Paoletti E. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 237, p.803-813, (2018)
Sensitivity of stomatal conductance to soil moisture: Implications for tropospheric ozone, Anav, A., Proietti C., Menut L., Carnicelli S., De Marco Alessandra, and Paoletti E. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 18, Number 8, p.5747-5763, (2018)
Acute myocardial infarction and COPD attributed to ambient SO2 in Iran, Khaniabadi, Y.O., Daryanoosh S.M., Hopke P.K., Ferrante M., De Marco Alessandra, Sicard P., G. Conti Oliveri, Goudarzi G., Basiri H., Mohammadi M.J., et al. , Environmental Research, Volume 156, p.683-687, (2017)
A comparative study of hospital admissions for respiratory diseases during normal and dusty days in Iran, Geravandi, S., Sicard P., Khaniabadi Y.O., De Marco Alessandra, Ghomeishi A., Goudarzi G., Mahboubi M., Yari A.R., Dobaradaran S., Hassani G., et al. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 24, Number 22, p.18152-18159, (2017)
Ecological impacts of atmospheric pollution and interactions with climate change in terrestrial ecosystems of the Mediterranean Basin: Current research and future directions, Ochoa-Hueso, R., Munzi S., Alonso R., Arróniz-Crespo M., Avila A., Bermejo V., Bobbink R., Branquinho C., Concostrina-Zubiri L., Cruz C., et al. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 227, p.194-206, (2017)
Effect-based activities on air pollution: what is the state of the natural and anthropogenic Italian ecosystems?, Vialetto, G., De Marco Alessandra, and D'Elia Ilaria , (2017)
Epidemiological analysis of ozone and nitrogen impacts on vegetation – Critical evaluation and recommendations, Braun, S., Achermann B., De Marco Alessandra, Pleijel H., Karlsson P.E., Rihm B., Schindler C., and Paoletti E. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 603-604, p.785-792, (2017)
Five-year volume growth of European beech does not respond to ozone pollution in Italy, Paoletti, E., De Marco Alessandra, Anav A., Gasparini P., and Pompei E. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 9, p.1-7, (2017)
Health risk assessment of exposure to the Middle-Eastern Dust storms in the Iranian megacity of Kermanshah, Goudarzi, G., Daryanoosh S.M., Godini H., Hopke P.K., Sicard P., De Marco Alessandra, Rad H.D., Harbizadeh A., Jahedi F., Mohammadi M.J., et al. , Public Health, Volume 148, p.109-116, (2017)
High resolution estimates of the corrosion risk for cultural heritage in Italy, De Marco, Alessandra, Screpanti A., Mircea Mihaela, Piersanti A., Proietti C., and Fornasier M.F. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 226, p.260-267, (2017)
Hospital admissions in Iran for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases attributed to the Middle Eastern Dust storms, Khaniabadi, Y.O., Fanelli R., De Marco Alessandra, Daryanoosh S.M., Kloog I., Hopke P.K., Conti G.O., Ferrante M., Mohammadi M.J., Babaei A.A., et al. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 24, Number 20, p.16860-16868, (2017)
Ozone exposure affects tree defoliation in a continental climate, De Marco, Alessandra, Vitale M., Popa I., Anav A., Badea O., Silaghi D., Leca S., Screpanti A., and Paoletti E. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 596-597, p.396-404, (2017)
Poplar response to cadmium and lead soil contamination, I. Redovniković, Radojčić, De Marco Alessandra, Proietti C., Hanousek K., Sedak M., Bilandžić N., and Jakovljević T. , Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Volume 144, p.482-489, (2017)
Response on ‘comparing concentration-based (AOT40) and stomatal uptake (PODY) metrics for ozone risk assessment to European forests’, Anav, A., De Marco Alessandra, Sicard P., Vitale M., and Paoletti E. , Global Change Biology, Volume 23, Number 2, p.e3-e4, (2017)