Sharing and transferring Product Environmental Footprint experiences and methods to neighbouring countries of the Adriatic agrifood sector
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Funding type: 
EU Programmes
Programma Quadro UE: 
30 June 2021 to 30 June 2022
ENEA role: 
ENEA Project Leader: 
Nicola Colonna
Caterina Rinaldi
Antonella Del Fiore
Valerio Miceli
Ombretta Presenti
Other ENEA Personnel: 
Zinni Francesca

Starting from the knowledge previously generated by the former PEFMED project   on agri-food sector of the Mediterranean countries, the general objective of the new PEFMED PLUS project is to replicate its culture, methodology and to transfer a set of ready-to-use outputs (National Roadmaps, PEF Wiki Platform info, Socio-Economic KPIs tools for olive oil, bottled water, wine and cheese) which will be tailored for the agrifood sector of the Adriatic basin. A number of horizontal actions such as capacity building, training and capitalisation will be matched with a series of vertical actions focused on some selected food supply chains. Each partner (giver and receiver) has a specific role and responsibility in order to:

  • Increase awareness about the environmental impact of traditional food productions
  • Deliver a "Training the trainers" programme on PEFMED former outputs
  • Run knowledge transfer to agrifood producers and clusters, public institution and regional authorities
  • Ratify Protocols and MoU with the above listed target groups in order to ensure an "after-life" plan beyond the end of the PEFMED PLUS duration including the organisation of a final event.

List of partners:

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – ENEA, ITALY

Federalimentare Servizi srl - FEDSERV, ITALY

Federation of Hellenic food industries – SEVT, GREECE

Agrofood Regional Innovation and technology Transfer Centre - CRITT-PACA, FRANCE

University of Mostar – Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology - SUM APTF, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 

Administration for food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary affairs – UBHVFP, MONTENEGRO

County of Split-Dalmatia – SDC, CROATIA