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Plant virus nanoparticles for blood-brain barrier crossing and medulloblastoma targeting

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Other Programmes
2 January 2018 to 2 January 2023
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ENEA Project Leader: 
Maria Teresa Mancuso
Caterina ArcangeliChiara LicoSelene BaschieriBarbara Tanno

Treatment of brain cancers is one of the most difficult challenges in oncology. Through a highly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, NANOCROSS will provide entirely new insights for identification of promising new therapeutic delivery approaches that have the potential to create sustained, meaningful efficacy against devastating brain tumors. The project will confront major challenges in engineering potent chemotherapeutic delivery systems by a multidisciplinary approach and in a scientific context that is the "state of the art" in the field. The experimental design will be articulated into three integrated tasks: 1. blood-brain barrier (BBB) and medulloblastoma (MB) targeting peptides selection and in silico characterization; 2. construction, production, and structural characterization of chimeric plant virus nanoparticles (CPVNs), displaying the selected peptides and CPVNs loading with doxorubin; 3. In vitro/in vivo validation of BBB overcoming and MB targeting by CPVNs.Supported by the combination of knowledge and skills from more than one discipline, this project will allow improved therapeutic delivery to invasive brain tumors through a safe and effective CPVNs delivery system for transport of drugs across the BBB and tumor cell-targeting. The work proposed is focused on MB, but will ultimately help diagnosis and therapy of different aggressive brain tumors.