ECO-READY Achieving Ecological Resilient Dynamism for the European food system through consumer-driven policies Kick-off meeting

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The kick-off meeting of ECO-READY - Achieving Ecological Resilient Dynamism for the European food system through consumer-driven policies project  will take place in Prague at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) on 23rd and 24th of January 2023. ENEA is partner of the ECO-READY project,  funded through the Horizon Europe framework programme, call HORIZON-CL6-2022-CLIMATE-01-04 Fostering the resilience of food security: from observation of changes to the development of resilience strategies, under the coordination of  Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. The objective of ECO-READY is to identify, classify and evaluate the factors affecting food security at local and European level. The development of 10 localized Living Labs in several strategically selected European regions will allow an assessment of direct/indirect factors which will provide a framework for decision-making. Climate change and biological factors can have a strong effect on a global scale or regional as they can affect crop physiology, leading to yield collapse, as well as affect the population of plant pathogens putting crops at risk. ECO-READY will identify all of these factors and deliver a real-time surveillance system through the development of a digital Observatory, offered as a website Web and as a smartphone application. Furthermore, ECO-READY will evaluate the influence of climate change and policies on socio-economic constraints, subject to continuous fluctuations between the different Member States, and will produce targeted resilience and mitigation policies responding to different local needs. ECO-READY will allow the European food system to achieve the necessary resilient dynamism and to consolidate food security for citizens, scientifically supporting policy-making, understanding the interconnections between climate change, biodiversity and food security. Resilient dynamism means addressing immediate problems and long-term challenges at the same time. ECO-READY will ensure that the interests of European consumers are reflected in future decision-making and monitoring by actively involving them in shaping policy recommendations from an early stage. All this will be facilitated by the information communicated through the Digital Observatory, increasing their awareness of agri-food products.

ENEA will attend the KOM  and will present a poster entitled "Food system resilence: transition towards a more sustainable agriculture"  with a focus on the ongoing related Projects, like: SOIL HUB, EJP SOIL, SIMBA, MIRRI-IT, METROFOOD-RI, AgroServ, Foodsafety4EU, Provide, DGR4Food, FNS-Cloud.

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Czech Republic
01/23/2023 - 13:00 to 01/24/2023 - 14:00
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