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Alessandra De marco

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Geostatistics as a validation tool for setting ozone standards for durum wheat, De Marco, Alessandra, Screpanti Augusto, and Paoletti E. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 158, Number 2, p.536-542, (2010)
Rating of mediterranean photochemical air pollution monitoring sites, Klasinc, L., Cvitas T., De Marco Alessandra, Kezele N., Paoletti E., and Pompe M. , Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Volume 19, Number 9 B, p.1982-1988, (2010)
Assessment of present and future risk to Italian forests and human health: Modelling and mapping, De Marco, Alessandra , Environmental Pollution, Volume 157, Number 5, p.1407-1412, (2009)
Corrosion on cultural heritage buildings in Italy: A role for ozone?, Screpanti, Augusto, and De Marco Alessandra , Environmental Pollution, Volume 157, Number 5, p.1513-1520, (2009)