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Dispersion of SO2 emissions in a gas refinery by AERMOD modeling and human health risk: a case study in the Middle East, Z. Doost, Eslami, Dehghani S., Samaei M.R., Arabzadeh M., Baghapour M.A., Hashemi H., Oskoei V., Mohammadpour A., and De Marco Alessandra , International Journal of Environmental Health Research, (2023)
Object-based classification of urban plant species from very high-resolution satellite imagery, Sicard, P., Coulibaly F., Lameiro M., Araminienė V., De Marco Alessandra, Sorrentino Beatrice, Anav A., Manzini J., Hoshika Y., Moura B.B., et al. , Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Volume 81, (2023)
Relationships between ozone and particles during air pollution episodes in arid continental climate, Sicard, P., Khaniabadi Y.O., Leca S., and De Marco Alessandra , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Volume 14, Number 8, (2023)
Surface ozone risk to human health and vegetation in tropical region: The case of Thailand, Kittipornkul, P., Thiravetyan P., Hoshika Y., Sorrentino Beatrice, Popa I., Leca S., Sicard P., Paoletti E., and De Marco Alessandra , Environmental Research, Volume 234, (2023)
Trends in urban air pollution over the last two decades: A global perspective, Sicard, P., Agathokleous E., Anenberg S.C., De Marco Alessandra, Paoletti E., and Calatayud V. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 858, (2023)
Using date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) as bio-monitors of environmental quality for exposure assessment and pollution source tracking, Jafari, Khadijeh, Ghalhari Mohammad Rezvani, Hayati Roghayeh, Baboli Zeynab, Zeider Kira, Ramírez-Andreotta Mónica D., Sorooshian Armin, De Marco Alessandra, Namdar-Khojasteh Davood, Goudarzi Mahdis, et al. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 313, (2023)
Air pollution and climate change threats to plant ecosystems, Agathokleous, E., De Marco Alessandra, Paoletti E., Querol X., and Sicard P. , Environmental Research, Volume 212, (2022)
Ambient PM2.5 and O3 pollution and health impacts in Iranian megacity, Rashidi, R., Khaniabadi Y.O., Sicard P., De Marco Alessandra, and Anbari K. , Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, Volume 37, Number 1, p.175-184, (2022)
Influence of Ozone and Drought on Tree Growth under Field Conditions in a 22 Year Time Series, Eghdami, H., Werner W., De Marco Alessandra, and Sicard P. , Forests, Volume 13, Number 8, (2022)
Legislative and functional aspects of different metrics used for ozone risk assessment to forests, Anav, A., De Marco Alessandra, Collalti A., Emberson L., Feng Z., Lombardozzi D., Sicard P., Verbeke T., Viovy N., Vitale M., et al. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 295, (2022)
Nitrogen Budget and Statistical Entropy Analysis of the Tiber River Catchment, a Highly Anthropized Environment, De Marco, Alessandra, Fornasier M.F., Screpanti Augusto, Lombardi D., and Vitale M. , Soil Systems, Volume 6, Number 1, (2022)
Ozone modelling and mapping for risk assessment: An overview of different approaches for human and ecosystems health, De Marco, Alessandra, García-Gómez H., Collalti A., Khaniabadi Y.O., Feng Z., Proietti C., Sicard P., Vitale M., Anav A., and Paoletti E. , Environmental Research, Volume 211, (2022)
Ozone-reducing urban plants: Choose carefully, Sicard, P., Agathokleous E., De Marco Alessandra, and Paoletti E. , Science, Volume 377, Number 6606, p.585, (2022)
Rethinking Subthreshold Effects in Regulatory Chemical Risk Assessments, Agathokleous, E., Barceló D., Aschner M., Azevedo R.A., Bhattacharya P., Costantini D., Cutler G.C., De Marco Alessandra, Docea A.O., Dórea J.G., et al. , Environmental Science and Technology, Volume 56, Number 16, p.11095-11099, (2022)
Spatiotemporal variations of ozone exposure and its risks to vegetation and human health in Cyprus: an analysis across a gradient of altitudes, Agathokleous, S., Saitanis C.J., Savvides C., Sicard P., Agathokleous E., and De Marco Alessandra , Journal of Forestry Research, (2022)
Strategic roadmap to assess forest vulnerability under air pollution and climate change, De Marco, Alessandra, Sicard P., Feng Z., Agathokleous E., Alonso R., Araminienė V., Augustatis A., Badea O., Beasley J.C., Branquinho C., et al. , Global Change Biology, Volume 28, Number 17, p.5062-5085, (2022)
Correction To: Epidemiological derivation of flux-based critical levels for visible ozone injury in European forests (Journal of Forestry Research, (2020), 31, 5, (1509-1519), 10.1007/s11676-020-01191-x), Sicard, P., De Marco Alessandra, Carrari E., Dalstein-Richier L., Hoshika Y., Badea O., Pitar D., Fares S., Conte A., Popa I., et al. , Journal of Forestry Research, Volume 33, Number 5, p.1703, (2021)
Economic and life cycle analysis of passive and active monitoring of ozone for forest protection, Carrari, E., De Marco Alessandra, Laschi A., Badea O., Dalstein-Richier L., Fares S., Leca S., Marchi E., Sicard P., Popa I., et al. , Environments - MDPI, Volume 8, Number 10, (2021)
Economic impacts of ambient ozone pollution on wood production in Italy, Sacchelli, S., Carrari E., Paoletti E., Anav A., Hoshika Y., Sicard P., Screpanti Augusto, Chirici G., Cocozza C., and De Marco Alessandra , Scientific Reports, Volume 11, Number 1, (2021)
Editorial: Interactions Between Ozone Pollution and Forest Ecosystems, Paoletti, E., Feng Z., Fares S., Sicard P., Agathokleous E., and De Marco Alessandra , Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, Volume 3, (2021)
Emerging challenges of ozone impacts on asian plants: actions are needed to protect ecosystem health, Feng, Z., Agathokleous E., Yue X., Oksanen E., Paoletti E., Sase H., Gandin A., Koike T., Calatayud V., Yuan X., et al. , Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, Volume 7, Number 1, (2021)
Impact of ground-level ozone on Mediterranean forest ecosystems health, Jakovljević, T., Lovreškov L., Jelić G., Anav A., Popa I., Fornasier M.F., Proietti C., Limić I., Butorac L., Vitale M., et al. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 783, (2021)