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Comparative analysis of plant-produced, recombinant dimeric IgA against cell wall β-glucan of pathogenic fungi, Capodicasa, Cristina, Catellani M., Moscetti I., Bromuro C., Chiani P., Torosantucci A., and Benvenuto Eugenio , Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Volume 114, Number 12, p.2729-2738, (2017)
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Unraveling the complexity of transcriptomic, metabolomic and quality environmental response of tomato fruit, D'Esposito, D., Ferriello F., Molin A.D., Diretto Gianfranco, Sacco A., Minio A., Barone A., Di Monaco R., Cavella S., Tardella L., et al. , BMC Plant Biology, Volume 17, Number 1, (2017)
Antioxidant hydroxytyrosol-based polyacrylate with antimicrobial and antiadhesive activity versus Staphylococcus epidermidis, Crisante, F., Taresco V., Donelli G., Vuotto C., Martinelli A., D’Ilario L., Pietrelli L., Francolini I., and Piozzi A. , Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Volume 901, p.25-36, (2016)
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Exposure to persistent organic pollutants and sperm DNA methylation changes in Arctic and European populations, Consales, Claudia, Toft G., Leter Giorgio, Bonde J.P.E., Uccelli Raffaella, Pacchierotti Francesca, Eleuteri Patrizia, Jönsson B.A.G., Giwercman A., Pedersen H.S., et al. , Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, Volume 57, Number 3, p.200-209, (2016)
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Physical profile and impact of a calcium-incorporated implant surface on preosteoblastic cell morphologic and differentiation parameters: A comparative analysis, Lollobrigida, M., Lamazza L., Capuano C., Formisano G., Serra Emanuele, Laurito D., Romanelli M., Molinari A., and de Biase A. , International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, Volume 31, Number 1, p.223-231, (2016)
Shift in microbial community structure of anaerobic side-stream reactor in response to changes to anaerobic solid retention time and sludge interchange ratio, Ferrentino, R., Langone M., Gandolfi I., Bertolini V., Franzetti A., and Andreottola G. , Bioresource Technology, Volume 221, p.588-597, (2016)
wPip Wolbachia contribution to Aedes albopictus SIT performance: Advantages under intensive rearing, Puggioli, A., Calvitti Maurizio, Moretti Riccardo, and Bellini R. , Acta Tropica, Volume 164, p.473-481, (2016)
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