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Modeling ozone uptake by urban and peri-urban forest: a case study in the Metropolitan City of Rome, Fusaro, L., Mereu S., Salvatori E., Agliari E., Fares S., and Manes F. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 9, p.8190-8205, (2018)
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Effects of high Zn and Pb concentrations on Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. Ex. Steudel: Photosynthetic performance and metal accumulation capacity under controlled conditions, Bernardini, A., Salvatori E., Guerrini V., Fusaro L., Canepari S., and Manes F. , International Journal of Phytoremediation, Volume 18, Number 1, p.16-24, (2016)
Natural and commercial Salix clones differ in their ecophysiological response to Zn stress, Bernardini, A., Salvatori E., Di Re S., Fusaro L., Nervo G., and Manes F. , Photosynthetica, Volume 54, Number 1, p.56-64, (2016)
Particle deposition in a peri-urban Mediterranean forest, Fares, S., Savi F., Fusaro L., Conte A., Salvatori E., Aromolo R., and Manes F. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 218, p.1278-1286, (2016)
Regulating Ecosystem Services of forests in ten Italian Metropolitan Cities: Air quality improvement by PM10 and O3 removal, Manes, F., Marando F., Capotorti G., Blasi C., Salvatori E., Fusaro L., Ciancarella Luisella, Mircea Mihaela, Marchetti M., Chirici G., et al. , Ecological Indicators, Volume 67, p.425-440, (2016)
Removal of PM10 by forests as a nature-based solution for air quality improvement in the Metropolitan city of rome, Marando, F., Salvatori E., Fusaro L., and Manes F. , Forests, Volume 7, Number 7, (2016)