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Contribution of Genetic Background to the Radiation Risk for Cancer and Non-Cancer Diseases in Ptch1+/- Mice, De Stefano, Ilaria, Leonardi Simona, Casciati Arianna, Pasquali Emanuela, Giardullo Paola, Antonelli Francesca, Novelli Flavia, Babini G., Tanori Mirella, Tanno Barbara, et al. , Radiation research, Volume 197, Number 1, p.43-56, (2022)
Micro-RNA and Proteomic Profiles of Plasma-Derived Exosomes from Irradiated Mice Reveal Molecular Changes Preventing Apoptosis in Neonatal Cerebellum, Pazzaglia, Simonetta, Tanno Barbara, De Stefano Ilaria, Giardullo Paola, Leonardi Simona, Merla Caterina, Babini G., S. Cagatay Tuncay, Mayah A., Kadhim M., et al. , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 23, Number 4, (2022)
MiRNA-Mediated Fibrosis in the Out-of-Target Heart following Partial-Body Irradiation, Tanno, Barbara, Novelli Flavia, Leonardi Simona, Merla Caterina, Babini G., Giardullo Paola, Kadhim M., Traynor D., Medipally D.K.R., Meade A.D., et al. , Cancers, Volume 14, Number 14, (2022)
miRNA-Signature of Irradiated Ptch1+/- Mouse Lens is Dependent on Genetic Background, Tanno, Barbara, Babini G., Leonardi Simona, De Stefano Ilaria, Merla Caterina, Novelli Flavia, Antonelli F., Casciati Arianna, Tanori Mirella, Pasquali Emanuela, et al. , Radiation research, Volume 197, Number 1, p.22-35, (2022)
Radiation-Induced Lens Opacity and Cataractogenesis: A Lifetime Study Using Mice of Varying Genetic Backgrounds, McCarron, R.A., Barnard S.G.R., Babini G., Dalke C., Graw J., Leonardi Simona, Mancuso M., Moquet J.E., Pawliczek D., Pazzaglia Simonetta, et al. , Radiation research, Volume 197, Number 1, p.57-66, (2022)