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First survey of sessile communities on subtidal rocks in an area with hydrothermal vents: Miles Island, Aegean Sea, Cocito, Silvia, Bianchi CN, Morri C, and Peirano Andrea , HYDROBIOLOGIA, Volume 426, Number 1-3, p.113-121, (2000)
Hydrothermal studies in the Aegean Sea, Dando, PR, Aliani S, Arab H, Bianchi CN, Brehmer M, Cocito Silvia, Fowler SW, Gundersen J, Hooper LE, Kolbl R, et al. , PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH PART B-HYDROLOGY OCEANS AND ATMOSPHERE, Volume 25, Number 1, p.1-8, (2000)
Patterns of bioconstruction in the cheilostome bryozoan Schizoporella errata: the influence of hydrodynamics and associated biota, Cocito, Silvia, Ferdeghini F, Morri C, and Bianchi CN , MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, Volume 192, NORDBUNTE 23, D-21385 OLDENDORF LUHE, GERMANY, p.153-161, (2000)