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Antimicrobial activity of catechol functionalized-chitosan versus Staphylococcus epidermidis, Amato, A., Migneco L.M., Martinelli A., Pietrelli L., Piozzi A., and Francolini I. , Carbohydrate Polymers, Volume 179, p.273-281, (2018)
Application of solvent extraction operation to recover rare earths from fluorescent lamps, Innocenzi, V., Ippolito N.M., Pietrelli L., Centofanti M., Piga L., and Vegliò F. , Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 172, p.2840-2852, (2018)
Foreword—Plastic pollution: a short and impressive story, Pietrelli, L., Pignatti S., and Fossi M.C. , Rendiconti Lincei, Volume 29, Number 4, p.803-804, (2018)
Improved remediation processes through cost-effective estimation of soil properties from surface measurements, Vocciante, M., Reverberi A.P., Pietrelli L., and Dovì V.G. , Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 167, p.680-686, (2018)
Marine litter detection and correlation with the seabird nest content, Merlino, S., Abbate M., Pietrelli L., Canepa P., and Varella P. , Rendiconti Lincei, Volume 29, Number 4, p.867-875, (2018)
Metals recovery from printed circuit boards: The pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability, Pietrelli, L., Francolini I., Piozzi A., and Vocciante M. , Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 70, p.271-276, (2018)
Microplastic pollution in the surface waters of Italian Subalpine Lakes, Sighicelli, Maria, Pietrelli L., Lecce Francesca, Iannilli Valentina, Falconieri M., Coscia L., Di Vito S., Nuglio S., and Zampetti G. , Environmental Pollution, Volume 236, p.645-651, (2018)
Microplastics in Talitrus saltator (Crustacea, Amphipoda): new evidence of ingestion from natural contexts, Iannilli, Valentina, Di Gennaro A., Lecce Francesca, Sighicelli Maria, Falconieri M., Pietrelli L., Poeta G., and Battisti C. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 28, p.28725-28729, (2018)
Raw materials recovery from spent hydrochloric acid-based galvanizing wastewater, Pietrelli, L., Ferro S., and Vocciante M. , Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 341, p.539-546, (2018)
Automotive spent catalysts treatment and platinum recovery, Pietrelli, L., and Fontana Danilo , International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Volume 11, Number 2, p.222-232, (2013)