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Fecal HMGB1 reveals microscopic inflammation in adult and pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease in clinical and endoscopic remission, Palone, Francesca, Vitali Roberta, Cucchiara S., Mennini M., Armuzzi A., Pugliese D., D'incà R., Barberio B., and Stronati L. , Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Volume 22, Number 12, p.2886-2893, (2016)
The Identification and Pharmacological Characterization of 6-(tert-Butylsulfonyl)-N-(5-fluoro-1H-indazol-3-yl)quinolin-4-amine (GSK583), a Highly Potent and Selective Inhibitor of RIP2 Kinase, Haile, P.A., Votta B.J., Marquis R.W., Bury M.J., Mehlmann J.F., Singhaus R., Charnley A.K., Lakdawala A.S., Convery M.A., Lipshutz D.B., et al. , Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 59, Number 10, p.4867-4880, (2016)
Krill oil reduces intestinal inflammation by improving epithelial integrity and impairing adherent-invasive Escherichia coli pathogenicity, Costanzo, Manuela, Cesi Vincenzo, Prete E., Negroni Anna, Palone Francesca, Cucchiara S., Oliva S., Leter B., and Stronati L. , Digestive and Liver Disease, Volume 48, Number 1, p.34-42, (2016)
NOD2 induces autophagy to control AIEC bacteria infectiveness in intestinal epithelial cells, Negroni, Anna, Colantoni E., Vitali Roberta, Palone Francesca, Pierdomenico Maria, Costanzo Manuela, Cesi Vincenzo, Cucchiara S., and Stronati L. , Inflammation Research, Volume 65, Number 10, p.803-813, (2016)
NOD2 Is Regulated by MIR-320 in Physiological Conditions but this Control Is Altered in Inflamed Tissues of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Pierdomenico, Maria, Cesi Vincenzo, Cucchiara S., Vitali Roberta, Prete E., Costanzo Manuela, Aloi M., Oliva S., and Stronati L. , Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Volume 22, Number 2, p.315-326, (2016)
Endoplasmic reticulum stress and unfolded protein response are involved in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease, Negroni, Anna, Prete E., Vitali Roberta, Cesi Vincenzo, Aloi M., Civitelli F., Cucchiara S., and Stronati L. , Digestive and Liver Disease, Volume 46, Number 9, p.788-794, (2014)
Lactoferrin prevents invasion and inflammatory response following E. coli strain LF82 infection in experimental model of Crohn's disease, Bertuccini, L., Costanzo Manuela, Iosi F., Tinari A., Terruzzi F., Stronati L., Aloi M., Cucchiara S., and Superti F. , Digestive and Liver Disease, Volume 46, Number 6, p.496-504, (2014)
Necroptosis is active in children with inflammatory bowel disease and contributes to heighten intestinal inflammation, Pierdomenico, Maria, Negroni Anna, Stronati L., Vitali Roberta, Prete E., Bertin J., Gough P.J., Aloi M., and Cucchiara S. , American Journal of Gastroenterology, Volume 109, Number 2, p.279-287, (2014)
Plasma high mobility group box 1 protein reflects fibrosis in pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Alisi, A., Nobili V., Ceccarelli S., Panera N., De Stefanis C., De Vito R., Vitali Roberta, Bedogni G., Balsano C., Cucchiara S., et al. , Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, Volume 14, Number 6, p.763-771, (2014)
Role of HMGB1 as a suitable biomarker of subclinical intestinal inflammation and mucosal healing in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Palone, Francesca, Vitali Roberta, Cucchiara S., Pierdomenico Maria, Negroni Anna, Aloi M., Nuti F., Felice C., Armuzzi A., and Stronati L. , Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Volume 20, Number 8, p.1448-1457, (2014)